My Journey

Let's get to know each other


    Hi my name is David Schiesser, I was born and raised in Switzerland but am now living in the UK. Back in Switzerland I worked as a Project Manager and Service Fulfilment Coordinator and gained many skills and experiences which helped me to grow into to person I am today.

Moving to the UK wasn’t just moving from one country to another, for me it was making a decision to follow my dream and heart’s desire to try something completely different.  So I decided to give myself the freedom to try something new and to establish myself as a Medium, Healer and teacher.  Mediumship and its philosophy wasn’t always part of my life and nor was it part of my understanding. Bluntly spoken, I wasn’t at all interested in the afterlife and the communication with our loved ones, who passed before us. This outlook on life started to change when I was about 25 years old where the hardship of life brought me to the right person, in the right moment and so my mediumistic journey began. I didn’t do many courses to train my mediumistic faculties and to be honest it wasn’t at all my plan to become a Medium myself. For about 10 years I just went once a year for a week to the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, to "just" experience what this subject of Mediumship had to offer and found out that it brings with it a vast variety. It fascinated me and through this I became more and more interested and just wanted to know more about how Mediumship really works. What just started over the years as a “hobby” grew much stronger and opened up another dimension within my life and broadened my personal outlook towards it. Yes, I used the word “hobby” because it was never my intention to work professionally with it but it seemed that spirit had a different plan. I gained new knowledge through the Philosophy of Spiritualism which enriched my daily life and existence as a human being to receive support, understanding, compassion, and sometimes hope from the world of spirit, not only for myself but also for others. 

In the last few years I started to improve and develop my mediumistic faculties as a Medium, Healer and Teacher through intensive practical work, study as well as through the education scheme provided by the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) and achieved various certificates in Demonstrating, Speaking, Healing and Teaching. 

The mediumistic development is an ongoing process and never stops. It needs time, practice, patience and dedication. We human beings are unique and individual and so is the world of spirit. There is so much more to explore and why not doing it together?